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Bloody Spritz | Non Alcoholic Mocktail Recipe

Bloody Spritz non-alcoholic mocktail in a glass with citrus and ice


We all love a classic Aperol Spritz on a sunny day and The Drink Swap team have put together a great twist on the classic spritz to create a beautiful mocktail, perfect for the festive season.

Our Bloody Spritz mocktail is a jewel red mocktail bursting with sparkling shiraz flavours and plus complex flavours of citrus, spices and native ingredients.  It's perfect for summer or winter sipping and the most gorgeous Christmas mocktail, we think it would be great for a Christmas breakfast!

The base of this mocktail is one of our absolute faves, the Altina Sansgria, which is a great way to pack heaps of flavour into our mocktail with minimal effort!

This ready to drink non alcoholic sangria mocktail features flavours of non-alcoholic Shiraz, sweet orange and subtle spiced notes of vanilla. It is lightly bubbly and slightly sweet, made from natural ingredients and native Australlian botanicals.

As with all of Altina Drink’s Zero Proof Craft Cocktails, Altina Sansgria captures the essence of natural ingredients, without relying on excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours. 

We also use some good quality non-alcoholic gin alternative to give this mocktail a real wow factor.  Use your own favourite zero alcohol gin, we love the Lyre's Dry London Spirit because it is low sugar and has classic gin flavours of juniper and citrus with pepperberry for added warmth and a dry finish.


Altina Sansgria  - 150ml  

Lyre's Dry London Spirit - 40ml 

Soda water/ mineral water - 40ml

Ice cubes

Garnish- Cocktail Candy Lemon Wheels or a citrus wedge



  1. Add ice cubes to a large wine glass or tumbler
  2. Pour over Altina Sansgria
  3. Add a shot of Lyre's Dry London Spirit Gin alternative (or your non-alcoholic gin of choice)
  4. Top with some soda or mineral water
  5. Garnish with some fresh or dried citrus


And that's it! You're ready for the silly season or a great mocktail session in less than a minute with this beautiful Bloody Spritz moctkail.