Chilli Mandarin Margarita Mocktails

The classic Margarita is a truly iconic cocktail, traditionally made with tequila, triple sec and fresh lime juice to create a zesty taste sensation. While the true origins of the Margarita are a little muddled, one thing is clear, this classic Mexican cocktail always spells a good time.

Of course, here at The Drink Swap, we love to swap out the alcohol and our favourite non-alcoholic Margarita is the SmugAF Margarita. These ready to drink beauties have a hit of lime citrus, a subtle tequila flavour (alcohol-free of course), balanced with smooth sweetness, a little salty finish, and even the warming sensation you expect from the real deal. 

While we love our margaritas while we sit by the pool, in winter we love to spice them up a bit with a fiery chilli blast. We've combined the classic margarita flavours of tequila and lime in the non alcoholic SmugAF Margarita, with a hint of green chilli, some mandarin and spices to create a mocktail that will knock your socks off.  Admittedly, it's not for the faint hearted, but it will definitely warm up those long winter nights.


Chilli Mandarin Margarita Mocktail from The Drink Swap using SmugAF Non Alcoholic Margarita

Mocktail Ingredients:

SmugAF Margarita Can x 1 

Green cayenne chilli x 1 (plus 1 for garnish)

Mandarin x 2  

Lime x 1

Mexican seasoning (we used Mingle Seasoning's Spicy Mexican) 



1. First rim the glass with lime by rubbing a lime segment around the lip of the glass

2. Dip the end of the glass in a small bowl of Mexican seasoning

3. Juice and strain the mandarins, then pour the juice into the glass

4. Vigorously shake the can of SmugAF Margarita for 15 second and pour into the glass

5. Add 1-2 small slices of green cayenne chilli

6. Stir the mocktail thoroughly with a chopstick

7. Garnish as desired- we used a whole chilli but you could also use lime or mandarin segment.