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Non Alcoholic Irish Coffee | Mocktail Recipe

Image of a zero alcohol irish whiskey in a glass

Even though Australia's festive season is usually sunny and warm, sometimes we need a good pick-me-up to get through all the celebrations.  If you are looking for something with a bit of caffeine to perk you up, this delicious booze free Irish Coffee recipe is just the ticket. It's also the perfect Christmas in July pick me up!

Irish Coffee is popular the world over, in fact it's so beloved in the US and Ireland that it has its own national day! Typically made with Irish Whiskey, coffee, brown sugar and cream, it has spurned many delicious variations.  We just had to give it The Drink Swap treatment and made a yummy non-alcoholic version.  In our opinion, any drink with good quality coffee is sure to be a winner. 

We've used our brand new Lyre's Highland Malt zero alcohol whiskey as the base for our non-alcoholic Irish Coffee.  Lyre's Highland Malt Spirit has deep flavours of oak tannin and nutty grain characters.  It is beautifully balanced with hints of cedar, grain, almonds, toffee and vanilla, and is the perfect base for this yummy mocktail.



Lyre's Highland Malt (alcohol free whiskey alternative) - 40ml

Hot espresso coffee- 40ml 

Hot water- 60ml

Heavy whipped cream- 40ml

Soft brown sugar- 2tsp



1. Place the brown sugar into an Irish coffee glass (if you have one, otherwise a tall heatproof glass or mug is fine).

2. Pour in the coffee and hot water

3. Add the Lyre's Highland Malt

4. Add the sugar and stir until it is dissolved

5. Slowly pour the cream onto a spoon balanced over your drink.  This will help the cream float on the surface of your Irish Coffee.

6. Do not stir.  Sprinkle with a little ground coffee or cinnamon and enjoy while it is warm and toasty.


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