Non Alcoholic Kir Royale | Mocktail Recipe

Image of 2 champagne glasses of non-alcoholic Kir Royale Mocktail.

What is a Kir Royale?

Anyone who has watched Emily in Paris (or visited Paris!) will have heard of the famous champagne cocktail Kir Royale.  It's a super classy tipple often served as a pre-dinner aperitif at French bistros and restaurants and is a beautiful celebration drink.  It's usually served in a champagne flute and may be served garnished with berries.

Traditionally made by combining champagne and creme de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur, it is a delicious and not too sweet champagne cocktail. The creme de cassis gives the champagne cocktails a beautiful ruby hue and a tart, slightly sweet lift.  Variations on the traditional Kir Royale include the addition of raspberry or blackberry liqueur instead of creme de cassis.

How do you make a non-alcoholic Kir Royale?

Of course we have given this classic French champagne cocktail a Drink Swap makeover and created our own beautiful non-alcoholic version.  We recommend chosing a drier non-alcoholic sparkling wine for this mocktail, as it will offset the sweetness of the blackcurrant and fruit.  We think our virgin Kir Royale has all the deliciousness and elegance of the original, just without the alcohol!

We're using Plus & Minus Blanc De Blancs  a dry sparkling wine, using all white grapes to produce a crisp, clear sparkling wine without the alcohol. The Plus & Minus Blanc De Blancs has beautiful vibrant characters of citrus and apple with the effervescent bubbly mouthfeel of your favourite bottle of sparkling wine.



(Makes 2 Kir Royale Mocktails)

Plus & Minus Blanc De Blancs non-alcoholic sparkling wine- 200ml

Blackcurrant syrup (Ribena or Bickford's) - 30ml 

Lemon- 1 squeeze

Fresh or frozen raspberries for garnish


1.  Divide the blackcurrant syrup between two champagne flutes

2.  Pour over the Plus & Minus Blanc De Blancs non-alcoholic sparkling wine

3. Add a squeeze of lemon

4.  Garnish each glass with 3 raspberries (if desired- you could also use blackberries or leave out completely).