Non Alcoholic Spiced Hot Toddy

Is there anything more soothing in the frosty weather than a steaming glass of Hot Toddy? The traditional Scottish drink made with whiskey, honey and lemon, is a traditional cure for colds and all that ails you, but is also a fantastically delicious winter drink.

The original hot toddy recipe dates back to the 18th century in Scotland, and is classically served with Scotch whiskey in a crystal glass. These days there are many variations on this traditional drink, and our non-alcoholic spiced version is an absolutely delicious way to enjoy a winter cocktail without the alcohol.

We've used one of our favourite Lyre's spirits, Lyre's American Malt Non Alcoholic Spirit, and added some delicious spices and citrus to create a fantastic winter warmer. Lyre's American Malt Spirit is an elegant non-alcoholic bourbon alternative, with a soft, full-bodied and mellow flavour of vanilla, nuts and herbal notes.   Our non-alcoholic hot toddy winter mocktail is sure to warm you right through, perfect to sip in front of the fire on a chilly night.


Non Alcoholic Hot Toddy Mocktail Recipe
Non Alcoholic Spiced Hot Toddy Recipe

Lyre's American Malt Non Alcoholic Spirit- 50ml 

Cinnamon tea- we used Pukka Herbs Cinnamon Tea bags

Honey- 2tbsp

Lemons- 2 tbsp fresh juice plus slices for garnish

Cinammon stick - 1

  1. Make hot tea as directed
  2. In a glass, pour 150ml of tea and  add the Lyre's American Malt
  3. Add honey and lemon juice and stir well
  4.  Add lemon slices and cinnamon stick an allow to infuse before drinking