Tropical Dark N Stormy Mocktail



A traditional Dark N Stormy cocktail is a true tropical classic. Originating in Bermuda, the classic rum and ginger beer cocktail with a hint of lime invokes images of pirates and stormy seas.  We have a fantastic recipe for a tropical twist on the Dark N Stormy- minus the alcohol of course!  

Using some delicious summer flavours, our non-alcoholic take on the Tropical Dark N Stormy is perfect for poolside sipping in the sunshine.  The base for this mocktail is one of our best selling drinks, the Monday Distillery Non Alcoholic Dark & Stormy. Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy is a non alcoholic spiced rum inspired cocktail with a mix of non alcoholic spiced rum infused with warming ginger and lime flavours. 

The addition of mango and coconut to the classic Dark & Stormy flavours makes this mocktail truly unique and delicious.  It's a pure taste of the tropics


Tropical Dark N Stormy Mocktail Recipe


150ml Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy

1 fresh mango cheek diced

50ml coconut milk

1 lime juiced plus extra for garnish



1. Pour the Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy into a blender

2. Add the fresh mango, coconut milk and juice of the lime

3. Blend until well combined

4. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with lime wedge.


Does it get any better than this non-alcoholic rum mocktail with mango, coconut, ginger and lime? Summer is served!