Violet Blossom G&T | Mocktail Recipe

Violet Blossom G&T Recipe

Okay, this one isn't really a mocktail, more of a very glam mixed drink.  We loved it so much that we knew that Drink Swappers would love to make it too.

It uses our super stylish Artisan Drinks Co. mixers, the Violet Blossom TonicThe ever-growing range of Artisan Drinks are made with 100% natural ingredients, offering unique flavour combinations which have been developed to truly complement craft spirits rather than drowning them in sugar or artificial ingredients. 

Impress your guests by whipping up some of these beautiful Violet Blossom G&Ts in 30 seconds or less.  It's simple but oh so pretty.


Artisan Drinks Co. Violet Blossom Tonic x 1

Lyre's Dry London Spirit - 40ml 

Small edible flowers (such as pansies, rose petals, lavender)

Lemon slices & mint leaves for garnish



1. A day before you start, freeze some ice-cubes with a few small edible flowers popped into each cube.

2. Place your ice-cubes into a tumbler glass

3.  Pour over 40ml of Lyre's Dry London Spirit (non-alcohol gin alternative)

4. Sprinkle in some edible flowers (we've used small pansies)

5. Add some lemon slices

6. Pour over the Artisan Drinks Co. Violet Blossom Tonic