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Watermelon Paloma Mocktail

Watermelon Paloma Mocktail from The Drink Swap

Nothing says summer by the pool like a watermelon mocktail. We've used Monday Distillery's Paloma to create this beautiful mocktail with flavours of tequilla, finger lime and, of course, watermelon.


2x  large pieces of watermelon plus extra for garnish

1x 300ml bottle of Monday Distillery Paloma 

1x fresh lime

1tbsp honey

Mint leaves

Ice cubes


1. Pop pieces of watermelon in the blender with 300ml of Monday Distillery Paloma

2. Squeeze over half the lime and add the honey

3. Blend until it is an even consistency

4. Add ice cubes to your favourite glass and pour over your watermelon mocktail

5. Garnish with mint leaves, watermelon and lime wedges


Summer is served!