Find Your Fierce Podcast- Inspirational Story (Rianna from The Drink Swap).

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak on Nikki Ellis' Find Your Fierce Podcast to talk about drinking, business and making a big life change in your forties.   Nikki and I chatted about the concept and motivation behind 'The Drink Swap', the growing popularity of non-alcoholic drinks and my top picks for the best drinks on the market.

Nikki is an inspirational business woman, sports science academic, public speaker and PT genius with  a passion for helping everyday women ‘Find their fierce’ to become the most confident and best version of themselves.

Her podcast, Find Your Fierce, features inspirational stories from those who have been on the journey and transformed their lives, get the right information as Nikki seeks out only the best health and lifestyle experts and every week create a positive mindset with Nikki’s Monday Motivations.

Click the link below to listen to my chat with Nikki on Spotify. 


Episode Description

Your 5 o'clock wine when you're watching Netflix is a special treat that you deserve, but it's easy to find your alcohol consumption creeping up.  Excess drinking is linked to heart disease, cancer risk, hormonal issues and weight gain, particularly for women (sigh!) and more so as we get older.

Enter Rianna.

Rianna is the founder of The Drink Swap and her story is truly inspirational.

Taking that leap of faith that many of us dream of, Rianna walked away from her high paying, stressful job to launch The Drink Swap.

The Drink Swap makes it easy for you to swap one, some, or all of your alcoholic drinks with a luxurious, flavoursome alcohol free alternative. 

Hear all about Rianna's journey into small business and why she is passionate about this ever growing industry.