Having a Christmas work function? Top tips for including non-drinkers in the festivities.

It's the festive season and it's easy to forget all the non-drinkers when organising festive events.  Whatever way your workplace celebrates the end of the year, we have some great suggestions to make sure every guest is looked after and feels special. 

There are lots of reasons your colleagues might not be drinking, or are drinking less.  From designated drivers to pregnant mummas, non-drinkers for cultural, religious or health reasons and people just looking to cut back after a lot of festive drinking, you are sure to need to cater for some at your event.  To make sure your event is as inclusive as possible, check out our top tips for looking after non-drinkers this Christmas.

Image of Lawn Bowls Christmas Work Function
Tip #1   Make it fun!

Include activities at your event that don't revolve around drinking.  Whether it's a game of lawn bowls, a fondue bar, karaoke or even a pinata, planning an activity in your event will bring the fun for everyone.  Often non-drinkers can feel a bit like a spare part so making an activity part of your event is inclusive and fun.

Image of Bubbly Bar Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine
Tip # 2 Bubbly bar anyone? 

Setting up a bubbly bar is a great way to glam up your event and an easy way to include booze-free options.  Set up a couple of ice-buckets with bubbly, including a high quality bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine (we have lots to choose from!). 

Put out a selection of juices that can be added to a champagne cocktail (think cranberry juice, peach puree, orange juice).

Then add some garnishes like dried lemon segments, peach slices, berries and dried flowers.  And voila! A super sophisticated bubbly bar that everyone can enjoy.

Tip #3 Write it down- clear communication

You might be surprised to know that people who aren't drinking will avoid festive events where they expect a lot of booze to be served.  They might feel like the event isn't inclusive of them or just not feel like it is worth their money, if they are required to pay to attend, especially if they will be drinking soda water all night! Make it clear in the invitations that there will be lots of booze-free options, maybe even list some of the non-alc drinks or acitivites that will be on offer. 

Zero Alcohol Ideas Christmas Party
Tip # 4 Think outside the square- avoid alcohol-centred events

Make sure that non-drinkers feel included in the festivities by avoiding events that totally revolve around drinking and tasting booze.  Events like gin tastings, paint and sip and wine pairing events can make people who don't drink feel like they shouldn't even bother attending.  If you are planning an event like this, make sure there is an equally great alternative for people who don't drink so they aren't missing out on the fun. 


Image of SmugAF Margarita
Tip # 5 Mocktails and Cocktails Station

Another fun idea to cater for non-drinkers and drinkers alike is to make a Mocktails and Cocktails station.  This can be as simple as buying in a whole range of ready to drink mocktails and cocktails and serving them in big tubs of ice.  If you are going really fancy, you can hire a mixologist (or appoint an amateur one!) to whip up some cocktail and mocktail creations and make a real feature of it.  There are so many festive cocktails and mocktails to take inspiration from, check out our faves here.