How did you choose The Drink Swap's range of non-alcoholic drinks?

Altina Light Me Up 750ml Zero Alcohol Cocktail at The Drink Swap. Image shows Altina Light Me Up being poured into a wine glass.


We often get asked how we chose the range of non-alcoholic drinks we stock at The Drink Swap. With literally thousands of zero alcohol drinks on the market, it was no mean feat! We weren't experts in this game at all when we started but we had a few priorities when selecting products to stock.


This was the big one! We had to absolutely love the taste of each and every product we sell.  After tasting more than 150 non-alcoholic beers, wines, sparklings, cocktails and spirits (plus some mixers thrown in for good measure!) we put together a really carefully curated range of the drinks we think are the best on the market.  We were a bit like Goldilocks... some were too sweet, some had a funny aftertaste, some were too much like soft drinks..... but these ones were just right! 

Selection of zero alcohol drinks on a table. Photo by Gabriel Gurrola on Unsplash


Next, we wanted to make sure that we had a great non-alcoholic drink swap for everyone's favourite drink.  Whether you love a glass of bubbles, an Aperol Spritz, a cheeky G&T or a craft beer, we have stocked a fantastic non-alcoholic alternative for you. 

We wanted everyone that turned up for a barbie or a dinner party to have a delicious non-alc alternative to their favourite tipple.  Our range covers all the bases and we will add more products as we grow so please let us know if you have a fave your would like us to stock!


As we started to explore the world of non-alcoholic drinks, we found SO MANY fantastic small local producers who we love to support.  As much as possible, we have stocked products from small businesses who are producing innovative and delicious drinks. 

We are proud to stock Sobah beers. Proudly Aboriginal owned and led, Sobah is Australia's first non-alcoholic craft beer company run by husband-wife team Clinton and Lozen Schultz. Sobah is based on beautiful Yugambeh country known as the Gold Coast, Queensland. Sobah is leading a conversation surrounding Australian societal issues with alcohol consumption and breaking down the stigma of socialising sober. Sobah promote healthy lifestyle choices and wellness, social equity, sustainability, raise positive awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, smash stereotypes, unite people and of course, Sobah beers quench thirst.

Another one of our faves is Altina, Altina alcohol free cocktails are handcrafted in Canberra by a small female-led business. Altina cocktails showcase native and organic ingredients, curated to create a complete and balanced drinks.

Pile of sugar cubes Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash. Low Calorie Non-Alcoholic drinks at The Drink Swap


Another thing that really mattered to us was stocking a range of products that were low in sugar, vegan and organic.  You don't want to swap out the alcohol in your drink for a whole pile of sugar! We have a fabulous range of very low calorie non-alcohol drinks, some have as little as 14 calories per glass AND taste great as well.  Not sure how they manage it but there are some absolutely cracking, mouth-watering drinks in our lo-cal range.

Once we went through that process we had a beautifully curated range of the best non-alc drinks on the market.  We are adding to the range regularly and love to hear recommendations from our customers.  Feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions or comments!