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How to have 'me time' minus the booze

Me Time at The Drink Swap Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

So many of us love a drink to unwind or 'take the edge off' after a hard day.  A special drink is a great way to treat yourself, particularly at what I like to call feral hour with my kids, around 5pm when everything starts to go a bit crazy.  There is nothing better than pouring myself something a bit luxurious to have a few minutes of me time.  During the pandemic and the craziness of homeschooling, I found myself dreaming of wine o'clock and really craving a wine or a spritz to relieve some of the pressure. 

That's how I thought up The Drink Swap. I realised that I could create that moment of luxury and solitude with a beautiful alcohol free product, and that I didn't need to rely on alcohol to get that sensation.  There are so many gorgeous products available from The Drink Swap for you to capture that 'me time' moment without the booze.  Try pouring Altina La Vie En Rose botanical cocktail in a tall glass over ice and toss in a few berries for a perfectly pink rose scented treat.

Altina La Vie En Rose at The Drink Swap.  Non Alcoholic Botanical Cocktail with rose and sweet orange notes.

You might be more of a Spritz girl like me (what can I say, I'm Italian!) Pour yourself a Lyre's Amalfi Spritz into a large wine glass with ice and an orange slice for la dolce vita minus the big headache. Lyre's Amalfi Spritz cans are ready to drink so there's no need to mix these ones.

Lyre's Amalfi Spritz RTD Cans at The Drink Swap

Or keep it simple with a chilled glass of Giesen 0% Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for a classic 5 o'clock wine.

Giesen 0% Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at The Drink Swap. Non Alcohol White wine

There are so many ways you can have the 'me time' that you deserve without letting your drinking get out of hand. Try doing a Drink Swap today.

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