How to throw an amazing alcohol free party


Parties and alcohol often go hand in hand, in the past it was hard to imagine a work party, a friend's birthday or even a wedding without copious quantities of booze flowing.  But these days lots of people and workplaces are looking for alcohol free ways to get the party started.  There are lots of great ways you can celebrate in style without alcohol, here are some of our top tips for a fantastic soiree sans the alcohol.

Food, glorious food


Of course, the best way to get your guests in the mood for a party is with an incredible spread of food. No one is going to miss the alcohol if you put together a fantastic selection of treats. You can't go wrong with a delicious grazing platter of charcuterie, cheeses, breads, fruits and olives or maybe go with a DIY burger station, filled with rolls, vegie and meat burgers and salad ingredients. 

A glamorous non-alcoholic bar

Non Alcoholic Bar by The Drink Swap

Just because you're not serving alcohol, doesn't mean you have to drink soda water and cola! Lay out your best glassware, ice buckets and some high-end non-alcoholic drinks.  Think bottles of non-alc bubbly on ice, non-alcoholic spirits with high quality mixers and garnishes, plus some great craft beers in ice tubs.  


Another fun and impressive way to celebrate without alcohol is with custom mocktails.  Mix up a big jug of Watermelon Paloma garnished with fresh limes and mint or search online for a mocktail recipe to suit your event- there are lots to chose from!  Here is a great collection of Mocktail recipes to get you started. You could even have a booze free mixologist mixing up mocktails for guests on demand to really dial up the glam factor.

Tunes tunes tunes

A great party needs great tunes, and an alcohol free party is no exception! Put together a custom playlist of tunes that match the style of your event. Whether it's smooth swing tunes or fun uplifting bangers, choose songs that will keep the energy high and get the party going.

Of course if you have any talented musicians on hand, live instruments are an absolute showstopper. Grab a mate who plays the guitar and 

Games, themes and decorations


Adding some fun elements to your party can be a good way to keep guests engaged and amused, without the need for alcohol. Try some adult party games like Cards Against Humanity or Incohearant or old school games like charades and Twister.

You're never too old for a themed party either, pick a theme and match the decor, food and drinks. Think a Mexican party with a pinata, tacos and non-alc margaritas, or maybe a Roaring 20s party is more your style- with feather boas, Great Gatsby themed outfits and alcohol free Mint Juleps.  

There's no reason why you can't have a banging party without the booze with just a bit of extra effort into the other elements of your celebration.