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I want to go alcohol free but I hate sweet drinks!

One thing that often holds people back from making The Drink Swap is a misconception that all non-alcoholic drinks are sugary sweet and high in calories.  How many times have you been to a party where the only non-alc offerings were Coke and Lemonade?  Or maybe Lemon Lime and Bitters if you're lucky!  It makes you feel like a little kid at a birthday party with a drink that tastes like lolly water.

Thankfully, the non-alcoholic drinks market has become ever more sophisticated and there is an increasing range of savoury, complex and low calorie drinks available. The Drink Swap team has been busy sampling a wide range of Australian and imported non-alcoholic wines, cocktails, beers and spirits and these are some of the best "non sweet" beverages we have tried.  

Monday Distillery Classic G&T

Monday Distillery Classic G&T at The Drink Swap. Non Alcoholic Gin and Tonic Alternative


Monday Distillery Classic G&T is a non alcoholic gin and tonic inspired cocktail with a traditional mix of gin botanicals like juniper and infused with rosemary, sea salt and tonic flavours. Monday Distillery Classic G&T gives all the flavour of a complex gin and tonic but is alcohol free, sugar free and gluten free.  Naturally sweetened with Stevia, this is a low calorie, high quality beverage with all of the yum of a classic G&T. 

Henkell Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine

So often, low and no alcohol sparkling wines taste like apple juice (we know, we've tried a few!) Henkell Alcohol Free is consistently rated as one of the best non alcoholic sparkling wines on the market because it is light and refreshing and tastes amazingly close to your favourite bottle of bubbles without the booze! Henkell Alcohol Free Sparkling wine uses traditional French wine making techniques to produce this dry, refreshing sparkling with citrus and apple notes. It's the perfect alcohol free way to celebrate. 

Upflow Ultra Pale Lager Non Alcoholic Beer

Upflow Ultra Pale Lager Non Alcoholic Beer at The Drink Swap

Some people's favourite dry and refreshing beverage is a good craft beer. Upflow Ultra Pale Lager Non Alcoholic Beer is a light, delicate beer with a super dry finish, making it an easy drinking and refeshing beer.  With only 4.5 calories per 100ml, Upflow Ultra Pale Lager Non Alcoholic Beer is also a hypotonic sports beer. The addition of carefully selected minerals, in combination with carbohydrates and water, provide low energy hydration, replacing lost electrolytes and nutrients to support recovery, including Magnesium to prevent cramps.