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Melbourne's Best Non Alcoholic Drinks Lists | Hall of Fame


Melbourne CBD's best non-alcoholic drinks lists

When it comes to enjoying a night out or a leisurely meal in Melbourne, our city's vibrant food and drink scene offers a mind boggling range of options. Still, for many years those of us seeking a sophisticated night out minus the booze, we've often been left drinking soft drinks or, at best, a lemon lime and bitters.  Now we're at the start of an exciting culture shift, and there are lots of amazing venues offering non-alcoholic drink lists that are as creative and enticing as their alcoholic counterparts. We've uncovered the best non-alcoholic drinks lists at restaurants and bars scattered across Melbourne's buzzing streets and out into the burbs. From innovative, layered non-alcoholic cocktails to carefully considered wine lists, we're proud to shout out the venues that are championing classy and elegant ways to enjoy yourself without alcohol. So, let's raise a glass to Melbourne's flourishing non-alcoholic drink culture and embark on this delicious adventure together!


Supernormal Melbourne

We think Supernormal is way out in front with their non-alc offerings, not to mention the fact that their food is amazingly good. Supernormal is a renowned, super-cool restaurant in Melbourne that artfully blends Asian flavors with a modern twist. Their alcohol free list is no token effort- it's a full page of awesome offerings curated with the same care as their alcoholic beverages.  From two varieties of NON wine alternatives, two Melbourne craft beers and several drool-worthy non-alcoholic cocktails, this is a must-go destination for the sober gourmet.


Cumulus Inc Melbourne

Cumulus Inc has been a fixture of the Melbourne's fancy “Paris end” since 2008 and while it is fancy, it has perfected Melbourne's casual and effortless cool. To complement their modern Australian menu they've put together a really great non-alcoholic drinks list, including house-made cocktails, two Aussie beers, wines and wine alternatives.  


Trinket Bar Melbourne 

Trinket bar takes the trinket theme to the max, with velvet walls, jewellery boxes and crystal chandelliers.  This secret Melbourne bar and eatery serves a great selection of non-alc options alongside a neat snacky menu of pizzas, charcuterie and other classics. Their sober selection includes 5 non-alcoholic cocktails like Nogroni and Espresso Martino, a couple of beers and some Lyre's zero alcohol spirits.  

Nick and Nora's Melbourne

This fancy little 1930s themed Speakeasy nestled in Melbourne's fanciest area has a nice little selection of non-alcoholic options.  If you fancy being a swanky sober flapper girl, check out their selection of cocktails for 'teetotalers', our favourite is the Ultraviolet, a non alc cocktail featuring blackberry, rosemary and verjuice with an eggwhite foam.  

Madame Brussels

We used to head to Madame Brussels' for boozy afternoons in their lush, garden-party themed rooftop bar.  Imagine our delight when we found that they have a cute selection of non-alc cocktails now so we can still have as much fun in their slightly bonkers but glamorous space, minus the booze! Their 'Those Who Abstain' selection includes 4 yummy classic cocktails like a Spritz and Amaretti Sour. 

Lucy Liu Kitchen & Bar Melbourne

Lucy Liu's modern Asian fusion cuisine is a perennial Melbourne favourite, their softshell crab is to die for! They also look after the non-drinking crew with a killer non-alc list of drinks including four asian inspired cocktails, like the 'Moonstone' with lychee puree, ruby grapefruit juice, lemon juice and soda. They also serve three Seedlip spirits, kombucha and Heaps Normal XPA. 

Spice Market Melbourne

For the ultimate wow factor venue in Melbourne, you can't go past the opulent vibe of the Spice Market. Inspired by the heady extravagance of the ancient spice routes, this secluded night club serves premium drinks and a mezze menu. Their non-alcoholic selection is not to be sniffed at, with non-alcoholic beer and five luxe non-alcoholic cocktails on offer including our favourite- the East Lip, using Seedlip Garden Spirit, lime, cucumber and mint. 


Melbourne suburbs- where to find a great alcohol free tipple beyond the CBD


Brunswick Aces - Brunswick

Originally Australia's first non-alcoholic bar, the team at Brunswick Aces have really been at the forefront of reimagining what alcohol free drinking can be.  They now have incorporated alcoholic drinks into their offering (so you can bring along some drinking mates if you need to!) but that hasn't dented their enthusiasm for serving up the most sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks list in Melbourne. In fact, they have a very cool approach of serving the same drinks in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic alternatives- how's that for equality? From their own incredibly boujee non-alcoholic Australian gin (Sapiir) to a full range of non-alcoholic beers, 6 scrumptious cocktails and wines, all set in their lush art-deco themed bar. 

The Victoria Hotel - Footscray

Holy Moly, the Victoria Hotel has a smashing non-alc list, they don't just accomodate non drinkers, they celebrate them! This vibrant and eclectic pub in Melbourne's west has put together a detailed and well-thought out non alcoholic list that includes so many of our faves.  Literally every one of your favourites is accounted for- from local small batch brewers Hop Nation, to a fancy Italian Prosecco and the famous Four Pillars gin (booze free of course!).  The team at the Victoria Hotel have championed making pubs more inclusive, with cooler non-booze options for those cutting back their alcohol intake, completely sober, or just in the mood for something else.

Copycat Bar & Restaurant- Elsternwick 

Copycat is a chic diner with European inspired, Australian bistro food and an impressive bar lineup.  They've added a neat selection of non-alcoholic offerings including 4 non alcoholic cocktails that hit all the right notes, think amaretti sour, a very good negroni alternative and a booze free non-alc pineapple daiquiri.  They also have Heaps Normal XPA and Lyre's Classico Sparkling wine on offer.


Lumé Restaurant- South Melbourne

Lumé is a beautiful, intimate dining space that offers an innovative degustation menu with an emphasis on foraged ingredients. It is one of the only Melbourne venues we have found that offer a 'zero proof pairing' to their incredible tasting menu, with five innovative non alcoholic cocktails of offer with wow factor ingredients like Butterfly pea flower, Rosella Verjus and Mountain Marigold verjus.  A true dining experience!

Northcote Social Club

The Northcote Social Club is the place to be in the centre of Northcote, it has something for everyone with a lively and welcoming atmosphere. It's a great place to catch live music performances, enjoy a drink and grab some great classic pub grub.  Their tight non-alcoholic drinks offerings include two of our most popular beers, Heaps Normal XPA and Heaps Normal Half Day Hazy, plus a super zingy Virgin Mary and a non-alcoholic gin cocktail.


We've had heaps of fun putting together this list but we need your help! Where are we missing? Do you know a great venue championing booze free options? Has your local popped a range of non-alc beers on their list and you want to shout them out?  Send us a message through our contact page or on socials to let us know and we'll check them out! We'd love to have this grow to being a comprehensive Hall of Fame list of the very best hospitality venues in Melbourne for the sober, sober curious or just not drinking today people.

We've also spotted some truly dreadful non alcoholic lists from great, high-end restaurants. The selection is literally coke, lemon lime and bitters and a cup of tea.  C'mon guys, us non-drinkers can be pretty fancy and want to enjoy a beautifully curated beverage selection just like everyone else, check out what the fantastic venues on our list have managed to put together!

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