Our Best Non Alcoholic Drink Picks For FebFast

Who is up for Febfast this year? The Drink Swap team is up for the challenge and joining thousands of Australians who give up alcohol (or something else) for the month of February.  Febfast is your chance to pause for a cause by giving up alcohol, sugar or another vice of your choice, to support disadvantaged youth in Australia. It's the perfect excuse  to kick-start the year with a little good health and good will. Head to Febfast to sign up to take part.

One great strategy to make your booze free month fly past is to swap your usual alcoholic tipple for a non-alcoholic alternative. We call that doing The Drink Swap!

Here are our best 5 Non Alcoholic Drink picks for Febfast. From a bold and hoppy non alcoholic craft beer to a cute little can of prosecco, there is something that is sure to hit the spot for you.

Sobah Pepperberry IPA Non Alcoholic Beer

Sobah Pepperbery IPA Non Alcoholic Beer Buy Online at The Drink Swap

Sobah Pepperberry IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is a bold, hoppy non-alcoholic beer infused with native fruit from the Australian Pepperberry tree to give it an extra hot and spicy kick.  This alcohol free beer is a beer lovers beer!

Reviewed by one of our customers as "Deep, slightly red-brown ale. A curiously spicy aroma leads to a very full, bitter taste with hints of sweetness.
A delicious sipping beer with a genuinely unique flavour." 

You have to give this one a go! 

Plus & Minus Non Alcoholic Prosecco Can

Plus & Minus Non Alcoholic Prosecco Can Buy Online at The Drink Swap

These brand new Plus & Minus Prosecco Zero Alcohol 250ml cans are cute individual serves of our best selling Plus & Minus Prosecco. This fantastic non alcoholic sparkling wine is dry and flavoursome, using Glera grapes to produce a light fruity flavour. The Plus & Minus Prosecco has beautiful characters of citrus and freshly cut apple with a slightly acidic finish and a soft effervescence.

Yes You Can Non Alcoholic Spritz Can

Yes You Can Non Alcoholic Spritz Can. Buy Online at The Drink Swap

Wow does this little can pack a punch of flavour! Yes You Can Spritz is a non-alcoholic take on an Aperol Spritz with the expected bitter orange flavours of your favourite Spritz and warming flavours of grapefruit and rhubarb to finish.  Yes You Can's alcohol free Spritz is packed to the brim with zesty orange flavours with a crisp and complex finish. 

The Yes You Can Spritz is regularly voted the best non alcoholic Spritz in blind tastings because it really is that great!

Señorío De La Tautila Rose' 750ml

Senorio De La Tautila Non Alcoholic Rose' at The Drink Swap

You didn't think we would forget the wine lovers, did you? Not beautiful full-bodied dealcoholised rose' made from Tempranillo grapes in the La Mancha wine region in Spain.  This wine is barrel aged in French and American oak barrels to ferment and mature the grapes, giving a flavoursome and aromatic nonalcoholic rose'.  It's a much bolder non alcoholic rose' than many we have tasted so if you are looking for flavour, give La Tautila Rose' a go.

Lyre's American Malt Non Alcoholic Bourbon Alternative 700ml

Lyre's American Malt Bourbon Inspired Non Alcoholic Spirit. Buy Online Australia at The Drink Swap

Lyre's American Malt Non Alcoholic Spirit is an American bourbon inspired spirit. This unique Australian made spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture all of the complex characteristics and delicious flavours of your favourite gently mellowed Bourbon minus the alcohol.

Lyre's American Malt Spirit has a soft, full-bodied and mellow flavour  of vanilla, nuts and herbal notes.  If your favourite drink is a Bourbon, you will definitely be impressed by this one! 


So, if you are thinking of giving Febfast a go this year, head to their website for lots of stats and info on the benefits and the difference you make. We're up for the challenge!