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The best non-alcoholic drinks for going dry in July.

Are you planning to take part in a month of the booze this year? Dry July is a fundraiser that encourages you to go alcohol-free in July to raise funds for people affected by cancer.  It's a great way to have a break from the booze in the middle of the year and raise funds for a fantastic cause while you're doing it.

Having a month off alcohol also has great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy and of course, no hangovers! So you're not only helping others, you're helping yourself. It's a win-win!

Of course, we think doing The Drink Swap is an awesome way to make taking a month off booze this July fun.  We've put together a selection of the best tasting non-alcoholic beers, wines, mocktails and spirits to make taking a month off booze in July a breeze. Love a G&T on a Sunday afternoon? No worries, we have a non-alcoholic G&T that will knock your socks off. 

There's no reason taking a month off alcohol should make you feel like you're missing out, with The Drink Swap you will have all the fun, minus the alcohol. 

Check out our top 5 picks for an awesome booze free July.

#1 Giesen 0% Merlot 

Dry July can be a bit chilly in some parts of Australia and down here in Melbourne we are definitely reaching for a good bottle of red.  Giesen 0% Merlot is a brand new release from the famous Giesen label,  a beautiful non-alcoholic red wine made from premium New Zealand Merlot grapes.  Giesen 0% Merlot has the classic light and refreshing flavour of the Giesen Estate Merlot, with the alcohol gently removed by Giesen's pioneering technology. 

Giesen 0% Merlot Non Alcoholic Red Wine at The Drink Swap

#2 Heaps Normal Quiet XPA 

There's no need to miss drinking a great brew just because you are giving up the booze.  This Dry July, you can explore a whole world of non-alcoholic beers.  Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is our top pick because it's the one everyone loves.  It won the best no/low alcohol beer at the World Beer Awards and gets rave online reviews for very good reason.

This non-alcoholic Australian made beer is packed full of hops and has a delicious tropical and citrus flavour with a crisp finish. It is an impressive non alcoholic beer that has traditional craft beer drinkers raving. If your favourite beer is a craft beer XPA (think Little Creatures XPA, Balters XPA, Coopers XPA) try Heaps Normal Quiet XPA this Dry July.

#3 Smug AF Non Alcoholic Margarita

SmugAF Non Alcoholic Margarita Dry July

Up for a Dry July Margarita party? Yes please! There is nothing dry about Smug AF Margaritas (except that they don't contain alcohol.... of course!) 

These flavour packed mocktails give a hit of lime citrus, a subtle tequila flavour (alcohol-free of course), balanced with smooth sweetness, a little salty finish, and even the warming sensation you expect from the real deal. 

Plus, at only 49 calories per can, these are a fantastic low sugar mocktail.  Our top tip is to vigorously shake the can for 15 seconds before pouring (don't worry- it won't spurt all over you!) for a foamy cocktail. 

You can have margaritas for Taco Tuesdays and wake up fresh as a daisy for work on Wednesday. 

#4 Altina Sansgria Non Alcoholic Sangria

Altina Sansgria Non Alcoholic Sangria Dry July

Another top pick is the new Altina Sansgria, a delicious non-alcoholic version of the famous Spanish drink, Sangria.

This ready to drink non alcoholic mocktail features flavours of non-alcoholic Shiraz, sweet orange and subtle spiced notes of vanilla. It is lightly bubbly and slightly sweet, made from natural ingredients and native Australlian botanicals.

Our top tip is to mix up a non-alcoholic mulled wine using Altina Sansgria for a beautiful booze free winter warmer. Check out our 30 second recipe here.

#5 Vinada Zero Alcohol Sparkling Chardonnay

Vinada Crispy Chardonnay Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine Buy Online at The Drink Swap


If you really want to celebrate Dry July in style, you can't go past a beautiful bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. 

Vinada Zero Alcohol Sparkling Chardonnay is a premium French Chardonnay with a dry, crisp and balanced flavour. This non-alcoholic wine tastes great and has delicious aromas of fresh apple, melon and a slight citrus finish. 

With its origin in the French wine-growing region Languedoc, Vinada Sparkling Chardonnay is made from a unique mixture of Chardonnay grapes.  This bottle of bubbles is dry and full of attitude!

To top it off, this delicious bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling is low in sugar and super low calorie, with less than 19 calories per 100ml and it's vegan too.  


There you have it, no need for Dry July to be dry and boring. With a few fantastic non-alcoholic drink swaps you can have all the benefits of taking a month off alcohol for a good cause, and enjoy yourself too.

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