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Quick guide to finding your fave non-alcoholic beer

Finding the world of non-alcoholic beer a bit confusing?

As more and more people are choosing to cut back on their drinking, the demand for non-alcoholic beer has been on the rise and the range of great tasting options has EXPLODED. 

Non-alcoholic beer has come a long way in recent years, and there are now heaps of styles available to suit different tastes.  We get a lot of questions from customers on the hunt for the best tasting non-alcoholic beer so we've put together a handy guide to help you find your fave. 



Are you a Lager lover?  Lagers are known for being crisp and clean with a light, refreshing taste, perfect for the Aussie summer. If your brew of choice is something like a Great Northern Lager or a classic Aussie XXXX or Crownie, we've got some great non-alc alternatives for you.

Heaps Normal Another Lager is styled on the classic Australian lager- crisp, refreshing and summery. This non-alcoholic Australian made beer has a fresh and bright taste profile with citrus based hops. 


A great option on The Drink Swap is the Clausthaler Original Non-Alcoholic Beer. This German brew has a genuine beer taste and aroma, is well balanced, fresh and easy to drink, with a creamy feel on the palate and a pleasing golden colour.

Clausthaler is the most awarded non-alcoholic brew, a true German classic in the pilsner lager style.

Pale Ales

Looking for something a bit hoppier, but balanced and slightly bitter?

For those who prefer a hoppier beer, non-alcoholic pale ales are a great option. Upflow Classic Pale Ale is a standout choice, with a hoppy aroma and a well-balanced flavor profile. Upflow Classic Pale Ale Non Alcoholic Beer is a malt-driven, full-flavoured pale ale style beer.  This beer is brewed with Munich malt and Halletauer and Saaz noble hops  to give a classic, European flavour. 

For another flavoursome non-alcoholic pale ale, Big Drop Brewing Co. Pine Trail Pale Ale is another great option. It has a strong hoppy aroma and a citrusy flavor, with a balanced bitterness that doesn't overpower the other flavors.


India Pale Ales (IPAs) are known for their hoppy bitterness and strong, bold flavors. Non-alcoholic IPAs have been gaining popularity, and one excellent option is the Sobah Pepperberry IPA. 

Sobah Pepperberry IPA is a bold, hoppy non-alcoholic beer infused with native fruit from the Australian Pepperberry tree to give it an extra hot and spicy kick.  This alcohol free beer is a beer lovers beer!

Another winner with Drink Swappers is Big Drop Brewing Co.'s Poolside DDH IPA. This non-alcoholic beer is a full-flavoured, double dry hopped brew that really delivers a punch.  Using Azacca, Chinook, Mosaic and Motueka hops with flavours of caramelised pineapple joined by spicy mango and vanilla, this beer is the ultimate poolside thirst quencher.


XPA stands for Extra Pale Ale, which is a lighter and more refreshing version of an IPA.  Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is a standout non-alcoholic beer and our best-selling beer.  It is a great example of a non-alcoholic XPA. This non-alcoholic Australian made beer is packed full of hops and has a delicious tropical and citrus flavour with a crisp finish. It is an impressive non alcoholic beer that has traditional craft beer drinkers raving.

Another fantastic non-alc XPA in our range is the Hop Nation Mind Ya Head XPA.

This non-alcoholic Melbourne made beer is generously dry hopped with Simcoe, Vic Secret and Galaxy to create a refreshing hint of citrus and tropical fruit.  Mind Ya Head Non Alcoholic XPA is locally made using quality, natural ingredients with no fining or pasteurization and minimal filtration.


Stouts are the beer for the truly brave! They are known for their dark color and rich, roasty, caramel flavor. Non-alcoholic stouts can be a bit harder to find, but Drink Swappers absolutely love them!  We have heaps of customers who are absolutely loyal to Big Drop Brewing Co. Galactic Milk Stout, and for good reason!  This beer has a complex flavor with notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Big Drop Brewing Co.'s Galactic Milk Stout is a big, bold and beautiful non-alcoholic stout. With deep chocolately flavours and a lush barley and hops combination, this non-alcoholic beer will delight any stout lover. 

We also can't go past Upflow Brewing Co.'s Non Alcoholic Stout a bold, stout style for the dark beer lover. This non-alcoholic beer has strong flavours of molasses and coffee, with a deep bitter finish.  The selection of Pale, Munich & Roasted malts give this beer layers of caramelized nuts, deep bittersweet chocolate and tangy espresso. Bold & complex, even without the alcohol. It keeps you wanting more at any time of the day.

Non Alcoholic Sours:

Sour beers are a type of beer that have a tart, acidic, or sour taste. This flavor is achieved through the use of certain bacteria or yeasts during the brewing process, which produce lactic acid or acetic acid. It might sound a little weird, but trust us, it's absolutely delicious! 

Non-alcoholic sours are pretty rare but we are adding to the range all the time! Our mates at Hop Nation have a fantastic limited release sour, Hop Nation No Fool Raspberry Sour.  This non-alcoholic Melbourne made beer is kettle soured with Hop Nation's house lactic acid culture, then fermented with real raspberries. This is a refreshing and flavoursome beer with a sour kick and fruity berry aromas. 

In conclusion, there are many different non-alcoholic beer styles available on The Drink Swap to suit different tastes. From light and refreshing lagers and wheat beers to bold and complex stouts and sours, there's something for everyone. So, whether you're looking to reduce your alcohol consumption or just enjoy a great-tasting beer without the buzz, be sure to try out some of these great non-alcoholic beer options.