Top 5 Tips for a Non Alcoholic Festive Season

The festive season can be a super busy time with lots of socialising and booze on offer. The Drink Swap has some great tips on how to make the silly season just as fun and glam, without the nasty after effects.

These are our best tips for glam parties and entertaining without alcohol, with great suggestions for non drinkers, drivers, pregnant women or just those trying to cut back a bit. 

Non Alcoholic Entertaining Ideas The Drink Swap

Tip 1. Make it classy

Have a selection of beautiful non alcoholic drinks on hand for the festive season. No need for soft drinks for grown ups! A beautiful piccolo of bubbly or mocktails on ice is a great alternative.

Non Alcoholic Mocktail Recipes Festive The Drink Swap

Tip 2. Mix up a mocktail

Mix up a beautiful mocktail in a jug, use festive flavours like cranberry, berries and melon and a non alcoholic spirit for flavour and sophistication.

Check out The Drink Swap's mocktail recipes for ideas.

Non Alcoholic Bubbly Bar at The Drink Swap

Tip 3. Set up a bubbly bar

A bubbly bar is an entertainer's best friend!

Set up an ice bucket with bottles of non alc bubbly, fruit garnishes and juices in labelled bottles for guests to mix their own champagne cocktails.

Non Alcoholic Christmas Gifts The Drink Swap

Tip 4. Easy Peasy Gifting

Grab a gift box from The Drink Swap for an easy and beautiful gift. We have mixed mocktail and beer collections for super handy gifting for teachers, colleagues and friends.

Non Alcoholic Craft Beers at The Drink Swap

Tip 5. Craft beer swaps

Pop some non alcoholic craft beers in the esky for hangover free picnics, barbies and catch ups. From craft pale ales to Mexican cerveza, we have a super tasty range of non alc beers.

And there you have it, five fab ways to enjoy the festive season, minus the booze.