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Top Tips for Cutting Back the Booze this January

Who's planning to cut back on the booze in the New Year? 

So many people have told us they would love to cut down their drinking but have tried and failed many times.  There are so many great reasons to give it a go this January. Whether you're planning a Dry January or trying to cut down to a more moderate level of drinking, the benefits of cutting back on alcohol are countless.

Some of the important ones include:

* Better sleep

* Weight loss

*Improved mental clarity (less brain fog!)

*Lower blood sugar

*Better gut function and digestion

*Improved mood and energy levels

*Reduced risk of many cancers and heart disease


We have some great suggestions to make reducing your drinking this January not just easy, but pleasurable too!

Tips for Dry January. Image shows 3 women jumping in the air.

Tip #1 Celebrate your wins and move on from your slip ups

It's easy to beat ourselves up when we have a set-back, whether that's with healthy eating, spending money, or cutting back on the booze.  Celebrate small milestones by giving yourself rewards along the way... done a week booze free? That's awesome- treat yourself to a pedicure or a bottle of alcohol free bubbly to celebrate! 

If you have a slip up, don't throw in the towel. Slip ups are normal along the way to achieving great things. Move on and start afresh the next day.

Tip #2 Surround yourself with supportive people

Socialise more with friends and family who are supportive of you drinking less and are happy for you. It's so much harder to make a change when you are surrounded by naysayers. There are lots of supportive networks on social media too, follow hashtags like #sobercurious or #happymonday to find like-minded friends and accounts who have cut back on drinking too.

Tips for Dry January

Tip #3 Stock up the fridge and esky with non alcoholic drinks

Here at The Drink Swap we are firm believers that you don't have to miss out on your favourite drinks just because you are drinking less.  We have some awesome alternatives to your fave craft beers, mocktails, wines and spirits so that you can still have an amazing tasting and sophisticated drink in your hand. No need to sip down soft drinks (and extra calories) just because you are reducing your alcohol intake. If you are prepared at social events or after a long day at work with a fridge full of enticing non alcoholic drinks, you are set up for success. The Drink Swap has some amazing bundles just for January, including our Big Boozeless Jan Pack with a tasty non alcoholic drink for every day of the month. Please note: drinks that replicate the taste and smell of alcohol can be triggering for some in or recovering from alcohol addiction.

Tips for Dry January

Tip #4 Take a mindful minute

Sometimes we drink (and eat!) mindlessly. When we're tired, stressed or in a rush it can be easy to just grab something and shove it down. Take a minute to be present, become aware of your surroundings and your body, and take some steady breaths.  Using a mindfulness app like Smiling Mind to do a quick mindfulness check-in can be a great way to clear your mind and refocus on your goals.


Tip #5 Write it down

Writing down your goals in a diary is a good strategy for staying focussed on reducing your alcohol consumption. Be really explicit about what you want to achieve and write down key dates in your diary. Write down any wins along the way to mark key milestones.

Tip #6  Listen to some podcasts

There is an amazing emerging culture around drinking less alcohol. There are some great podcasts to listen to on your commute or daily walk which can help you feel supported and encouraged. 


Our tips are:

Booze Free Bants- a great podcast by Breeza and Maso about their past relationship with booze and how they cut out alcohol.

How I Quit Alcohol- by Danni Carr. A really inspiring interview podcast with ex drinkers and alcohol counsellors exploring peoples' journeys of quitting alcohol.

Alcohol Free Life- A UK based podcast by BBC presenter and author of 'Happy Healthy Sober',  Janey Lee Grace. This long running podcast includes fantastic tips, advice and motivation for those on the journey to sobriety.


So there you have it, our top tips for cutting back on the booze this January. Whether it's Dry January for you or reducing your weekly drinks, we'd love to hear from you on our socials along the way! 




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