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Autumn Sampler Box Non Alcoholic Beers | Mixed 12 pack

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Time for a brand new sampler box full of our 12 of the best non-alc brews.

The Drink Swap's Autumn Sampler Box includes 12 different non-alcoholic beers perfect for picnics, sipping in front of a game or at a long lunch.  This is a great way to dip your toe in the world of alcohol free beers without going too crazy! 

This range includes all our favourites for the autumn weather, from big flavoured IPAs to a delicious gluten-free sour ale.




This non-alc beer sampler box includes one each of 12 of the best tasting non-alcoholic beers on the market including: 


Sobah Davidson Plum Gluten Free Sour Ale

Sobah Pepperberry IPA

Big Drop Brewing Co.  Paradiso IPA

Big Drop Brewing Co. Uptime Craft Lager

Moly Rose Citra Citra IPA

BrewDog Nanny State Hoppy Ale

Upflow Brewing Co. New World IPA

NORT Refreshing Ale


Hop Nation Opening Doors Hazy Pale Ale

Heaps Normal Half Day Hazy Pale Ale

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA



This is a great taster box for the anyone looking to try out non-alcoholic beers and find a new favourite.  You can't go wrong with The Drink Swap's Autumn Sampler Box!