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Beers Big Box | Free Heaps Normal 4 Pack

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The Drink Swap's famous Beers Big Box is a huge box of non alcoholic beers and it is our absolute ultimate deal!

It includes 30 of our highest rated booze free beers, with a wide range of brews to suit even the pickiest beer connoisseur.  From a classic German lager to a small batch craft beer XPA, we have something for everyone in our big box!



FREE 4 PACK of HEAPS NORMAL in this deal

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA x 4 

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Non-Alcoholic Beer has all the flavour and character you'd expect from a a craft beer extra pale ale- minus the booze. 

This non-alcoholic Australian made beer is packed full of hops and has a delicious tropical and citrus flavour with a crisp finish. It is an impressive non alcoholic beer that has traditional craft beer drinkers raving.

Hop Nation Mind Ya Head XPA x 4

This non-alcoholic Melbourne made beer is generously dry hopped with Simcoe, Vic Secret and Galaxy to create a refreshing hint of citrus and tropical fruit. Recently awarded a Gold Medal at the 2022 Australian International Beer Awards, this non-alcoholic XPA has craft beer experts raving. 

Sobah Pepperberry IPA x 6 

Sobah Pepperberry IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is a bold, hoppy non-alcoholic beer infused with native fruit from the Australian Pepperberry tree to give it an extra hot and spicy kick.  This alcohol free beer is a beer lovers beer!

Nort All Day IPA x 6 

NORT All Day IPA is a super low calorie and low sugar non-alcoholic beer that has all the flavour of a full-bodied IPA. With lashings of citrus and grapefruit, plus a malty profile, this beer has a long, refreshing finish. 

Big Drop Brewing Co Uptime Craft Lager x 6

Big Drop Brewing Co.'s Uptime Craft Lager is a darker coloured lager, with toasty notes of caramel and malt.  With mild herbal and fruity aromas of passionfruit and orange, this is an easy drinking, elegant beer.

Clausthaler Dry Hopped Non Alcoholic Beer x 4

Clausthaler Dry Hopped Non Alcoholic beer is the world's first dry hopped non-alcoholic beer AND the world's first unfiltered non alc beer with cascade hops. This beer is rich, full-bodied and hoppy, with hints of malty caramel and a deliberately hazy appearance.  


That's a HUGE box of beery goodness, minus the booze! With a free pack of Heaps Normal included to make this an amazing Fathers' Day Deal!