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Naked Life Negroni Spritz | Non Alcoholic Cocktail

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✔ Non Alcoholic Negroni
✔ Sugar Free
✔ Australian Made


Naked Life Negroni Spritz is a delicious non-alcoholic mocktail with the bittersweet moodiness of a classic Negroni, minus the booze!

This ready to drink virgin Negroni has sweet flavours of cherry, apple, lemon and orange extracts, complemented by the bitter flavours of bitter orange and cinchona. Crafted with pot-distilled botanicals to produce a delicious alcohol and sugar free mocktail.

Alcohol: 0.0% ABV

How to drink:  Naked Life non-alcoholic Negroni Spritz is ready to drink, just chill and pour or drink straight from the can.  No need to mix!  A few ice cubes and a Cocktail Candy Orange Wheel would really get the party started.

When to drink: Naked Life Negroni Spritz is a fantastic aperitif, serve before dinner for a sophisticated tipple.

Food matches: Naked Life Negroni Spritz's bittersweet flavour is the perfect drink with salty nibbles like olives, chips and nuts.  Serve it with an antipasto platter or some crisp arancini for an Italian aperitivo.

The Drink Swap: Swap your favourite negroni or other bittersweet aperitif for Naked Life Non alcoholic Negroni Spritz.


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