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Lyre's Dry London Non-Alcoholic Spirit 700ml

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Lyre's Dry London Spirit is an award winning non-alcoholic version of a classic gin.  This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture all of the complex characteristics and delicious flavours of a premium gin without the alcohol.

Lyre's Dry London Spirit has classic gin flavours of juniper and citrus with pepperberry for added warmth and a dry finish. 

As an added bonus, Lyre's Dry London Spirit also has 95 % less calories than your standard alcoholic gin and is vegan and sugar free so you can really enjoy your gin with none of the guilt! 


Alcohol: 0% ABV

How to drink:  Lyre's Dry London Spirit is perfect mixed with a high quality tonic over ice with a wedge of lemon for a traditional G&T.  For something really special, replace gin in your favourite gin cocktail with Lyre's London for a non-alcoholic Gimlet or Gin Fizz.

When to drink: Lyre's Dry London Non-Alcoholic Spirit is a great alternative for any time you love a gin.  It's perfect for a Sunday afternoon tipple or a girls' weekend.

Food matches: Lyre's Dry London Non-Alcoholic Spirit is great with seafood, try it with smoked salmon blini, fresh prawns or sashimi.

The Drink Swap: If you love classic British London Dry gins like Sipsmith or Beeafeater you will love Lyre's Dry London Non-Alcoholic Spirit.

More about Lyre's: Lyre’s was co-founded by Australians Carl Hartmann and Mark Livings, who sought to create high quality non alcoholic spirits without compromising taste.

An innovative beverage company using cutting edge food science, Lyre’s has recreated all the major alcoholic spirits in non-alcoholic format. 

Lyre’s spirits look, taste, smell and sashay around your palate just like the original. And with all the classic spirits represented, practically every cocktail known to man can be faithfully recreated and enjoyed in a non-alcohol fashion.