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Plus & Minus Premium Barossa Shiraz Non Alcoholic Wine

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✔ Premium old vine Barossa Shiraz 

✔ Vegan Friendly

✔ Vibrant fruitiness with a dry finish

Plus & Minus Premium Barossa Shiraz brings a new level of sophistication to non-alcoholic red wine.  This is a bold, fruit driven wine with flavours of dark berries and cherry and a long, dry finish.   Full of flavour with light tannins in the finish, this is a deliciously full flavoured non-alcoholic red wine.
Plus & Minus Premium Barossa Shiraz also has only 13 calories and 2.5g of sugar per 100ml, making it a very low sugar, low calorie non-alcoholic red.
The new premium range for Plus & Minus are the best tasting zero alcohol wines available. Thanks to groundbreaking technology the alcohol is removed via a ultra-membrane filter, ensuring a gentler process that helps retain the wine’s vibrancy and flavours. Plus & Minus is a contemporary range of wines developed to be richer in antioxidants, minus the alcohol. These non-alcoholic wines have been hand-made without the use of any artificial sweeteners but do see the addition of grape skin extract (GSE) during the winemaking process.

Alcohol: <0.5% ABV

How to drink:  Plus & Minus Premium Barossa Shiraz non-alcoholic wine should be served at room temperature in your favourite wine glass.

When to drink:  Plus & Minus Premium Barossa Shiraz is a big, bold and fruity wine which is fantastic to serve at a special dinner or to sip in front of the fire on a wintery night.

Food matches: Plus & Minus Premium Barossa Shiraz has dark fruit and cherry flavours that pair well with red meats and game. It also pairs fantastically with mushroom and lentil based vegetarian dishes.

The Drink Swap: Swap your favourite classic Aussie Barossa Shiraz for the Plus & Minus Premium Non Alcoholic Barossa Shiraz.  If you love a St Hugo's or Grant Burge Shiraz, this is the perfect drink swap for you.