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Plus & Minus Shiraz Zero Alcohol Wine

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Plus & Minus Shiraz Zero Alcohol Wine at The Drink Swap.

Plus & Minus Shiraz Zero Alcohol Wine is a fruity, bold shiraz style wine, hand-made without the use of artifical sweetners. This non-alcoholic wine has delicious flavours of dark fruits, with hints of chocolate and vanilla with subtle oak hints.  It has all the robust full-flavours of a classic Australian shiraz without the booze.

The Plus & Minus Shiraz Zero Alcohol Wine is also infused with grapeseed extracts which provides additional antioxidants, delivering more of the benefits typically found in red wine but without the alcohol. At only 28 calories per 100ml this is a fantastic deep red wine for a treat with none of the naughty!

The Plus & Minus range of wines have been uniquely hand-crafted using only
high-quality grapes from premium, drygrown Australian vineyards.

Alcohol: 0% ABV

When to drink:  Plus & Minus Shiraz Zero Alcohol Wine is a great, full-bodied red to drink on a chilly winter's night or over a delicious meal.

Food matches: The dark fruit flavours of Plus & Minus Shiraz Zero Alcohol Wine match so well with fantastic Italian food, think a lasagne or capriciosa pizza.

The Drink Swap: Swap your favourite Australian bold shiraz wine for Plus & Minus Shiraz Zero Alcohol Wine.

Winemaker: Corey Ryan

Region: Langhorne Creek