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Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

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✔ Rum and ginger mocktail 

✔ Zero alcohol

✔ Sugar Free, Gluten Free
Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy is a non alcoholic spiced rum inspired cocktail with a mix of non alcoholic spiced rum infused with warming ginger and lime flavours.

This beautifully packaged ready to drink alcohol free cocktail features the gorgeous flavours of a tropical rum minus the booze.

Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy gives all the flavour of a complex cocktail but is zero alcohol, sugar free and gluten free.  Naturally sweetened with Stevia and refreshingly carbonated, this is a low calorie, high quality beverage with all of the luxury of a warm spiced rum.

Alcohol: 0.0% ABV

How to drink: Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy is beautifully presented and ready to drink chilled straight from the bottle or on the rocks in your favourite tumbler glass.

When to drink: Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy is a perfect drink for a chilly night in front of the fire, a girl's (or boy's!) weekend or a pick me up after a long day at work.

Food matches: Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy is amazing paired with dark chocolate, brownies or a fantastic cheese platter.

The Drink Swap: Swap your favourite rum or ginger cocktail for Monday Distillery Dark & Stormy non alcoholic cocktail.

More about Monday Distillery: Monday Distillery is a Geelong based, female led business founded by Sam Manning. Using her background in botanicals and beverages, she set out to develop something with all the emotional connection, taste and vibe of her favourite gin & tonic, without the alcohol. Monday Distillery’s beverages are vegan, sugar free, low calorie and Australian made.