About Us

This is The Drink Swap..

If you are looking for simply best tasting non alcoholic drinks delivered straight to your door in Australia, The Drink Swap is for you. If we don't love it, we don't stock it... it's as simple as that!

What is The Drink Swap all about? 

We're about helping our customers find a delicious booze free drink swap for their favourite tipple.

The Drink Swap was created to make it easy to swap from alcoholic drinks to beautiful non alcoholic alternatives. The Drink Swap stocks the very best tasting non alcoholic drinks on the market and has a perfect swap for your favourite alcoholic wines, sparkling wines, spirits and cocktails. 

The Drink Swap makes it easy to swap one, some, or all of your alcoholic drinks with a luxurious, flavoursome alcohol free alternative. Cutting back on booze shouldn't be boring, tasteless and bland.  Make the swap to a fantastic non-alcoholic alternative and still feel like you are spoiling yourself.

We are a family run and female founded online non alcoholic drinks business in Melbourne, Australia stocking an increasing range of carefully sourced non-alcoholic beverages.  Each product and brand has been researched and tasted to make sure it matches with our values of sustainable production and ethical business. 

We have also been founded with a core social purpose, to support small not for profit organisations working with women escaping family violence. You can read more about our purpose here.



Rianna Chapman The Drink Swap Founder

My name is Rianna Chapman, I'm the Mum of two young boys in my forties. I have a background in psychology and have worked for many years in mental health research in kids and adolescents. I'm from an Italian Australian background so the good life has always included a vino or two at meal time plus a few extra with family and friends on the weekend.

In 2020, we all faced a really tough year and the impact of homeschooling, isolation and work stress impacted on the mental health and wellbeing of all of us. As my own alcohol consumption creeped up, I started to see a big impact on my health, energy and weight as I got into my forties. I started to look for some alternatives to my evening wine(s!) I was so surprised to find so many sophisticated non-alcoholic products in the market. I found that I could still have a pleasurable, me-time treat without alcohol.

These non alcoholic beverages have really blossomed in the past 10 years or so since I last went alcohol free in pregnancy.  There are so many beautifully packaged and flavoursome beverages being produced and I realised that I had found a new passion.   I took the huge step of quitting my great job and starting my own online non alcoholic drinks business in Melbourne to share these products and do The Drink Swap with you all.

My passion is sourcing incredible tasting non-alcoholic drinks and using The Drink Swap to support charities that help women and children escaping family voilence.