20 Best Non Alcoholic Beers Collection

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Looking for the best tasting non alcoholic beers? Look no further than our 20 Best Beers Collection! This selection is sure to please even the pickiest beer drinker.

What you get:

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA x 4 

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Non-Alcoholic Beer has all the flavour and character you'd expect from a a craft beer extra pale ale- minus the booze. 

This non-alcoholic Australian made beer is packed full of hops and has a delicious tropical and citrus flavour with a crisp finish. It is an impressive non alcoholic beer that has traditional craft beer drinkers raving.

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is unfiltered and naturally brewed to less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, with no added sugar, additives or preservatives. It is vegan friendly with half the calories of normal beer- just 76 calories per serving. 

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza Non Alcoholic Beer x 4

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza is a delicious non-alcoholic Mexican Style beer which is light, tangy and hoppy with a sweet yet nutty backdrop. 

Infused with finger lime fruit, aka 'gulalung', an Australian native citrus fruit naturally occurring around Northern NSW and SE QLD throughout Bundjalung Nations lands. The fruit is rich in folate, potassium, and Vitamins C & E. 

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza alcohol free beer is brewed chemical free, vegan friendly, and low-intervention.  It is also low calorie, at just 95 calories a serve.

Erdinger Non Alcoholic Wheat Beer 330ml x 6


Erdinger Non Alcoholic Wheat Beer is a German made, refreshing alcohol free beer.  With 110 years of brewing experience, Erdinger have produced a beautiful tasting non alcoholic beer enriched with with isotonic properties and vitamins B12 and folic acid.  This German weissbier has the classic haze and yeasty flavour of a traditional wheat beer, minus the alcohol! 


Upflow New World IPA Non Alcoholic Beer x 6

Upflow New World IPA Non Alcoholic Beer is a vibrant, hops driven non-alcoholic Indian Pale Ale style beer.

Pale & malted wheat provide a slightly hazy appearance, paired with loads of new world hop varieties, providing bold flavours of tropical fruit, citrus & pine.

A clean malt profile provides a platform for those juicy hops to really shine, before a dry, lingering hop bitterness on the finish.  For those who love hops, not hangovers!

Judged the best tasting non-alcoholic beer in Australia – UpFlow ranked both first & second out of 25 n/a beers in The Crafty Pint Blind Tasting Summer 2020.


That's 20 of our best beers in one handy collection that will make a perfect gift or cover all tastes at your next barbie. 

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