Artisan Drinks Co Classic London Tonic

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Artisan Drinks Co Classic London Tonic is a suave, classic tonic water that combines complex natural citrus flavours with subtle botanical notes.

Distinctive quinine aromas with a hint of citrus

A balance of quinine bitterness with natural sweetness

Soft and elegant

The Artisan Classic London Tonic is the perfect mixer for many of The Drink Swap's non-alcoholic spirits or as a gorgeous stand-alone drink on ice. Made in the UK from all natural ingredients, the Artisan Classic London Tonic is also vegan friendly

Alcohol: 0.0% ABV

How to drink:  Artisan Drinks Co Classic London Tonic is ready to drink as is, just chill and pour over ice or drink straight from the bottle. It's also a fantastic mixer for The Drink Swap's non-alcoholic gins for a classic non-alcoholic G&T.


More about Artisan Drinks Co: Artisan Drinks founders, Steve Cooper, Alan Walsh and Mikey Enright – respectively the drinks entrepreneur, the artist and the award-winning bar owner in Sydney (did we mention it was only recently voted world’s best gin bar?) – all had one thing in common, a desire to do things differently. This led to the Artisan ethos of “Why blend in when you can stand out…” 

The ever-growing range of Artisan Drinks are made with 100% natural ingredients, offering unique flavour combinations which have been developed to truly complement craft spirits rather than drowning them in sugar or artificial ingredients.