Big Drop Brewing Co. Pine Trail Pale Ale 375ml

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✔ Refreshing and zesty

✔ Australian Made pale ale

✔ Award Winning 


Big Drop Brewing Co.'s Pine Trail Pale Ale is an amber coloured pale ale with floral and citrus notes and a slight bitterness to finish. 

This is a balanced and full-bodied low gluten beer with only 18.5 calories per 100ml.    Another fantastic non-alcoholic brew from the Big Drop Brewing team.

Alcohol: <0.5% ABV

How to drink:  Big Drop Brewing Co.'s Pine Trail Pale Ale is ready to drink, chilled and straight from the can.

When to drink: Big Drop Brewing Co.'s Pine Trail Pale Ale is bright and citrusy, the perfect beer to drink with a takeaway or at a picnic. 

Food matches: Big Drop Brewing Co.'s Pine Trail Pale Ale has a light, limey flavour which is a perfect match for lightly spiced meals, a roast chicken or Taco Tuesdays!

The Drink Swap: If your favourite beer is a brightly flavoured pale ale, like Mountain Goat or Brink Lane Pale Ales, you will love Big Drop Brewing Co.'s Pine Trail Pale Ale.

More about Big Drop Brewing Co.: Big Drop was launched in October 2016 in the UK by the-then City lawyer Rob Fink, along with his school-friend/band-mate, designer and entrepreneur, James Kindred. 

The idea for a brewing business that only made non-alcoholic beer was driven by their own lifestyle changes (eg fatherhood) and the frustration that there were no good non-alcoholic beer options.

Along with renowned experimental brewer, Johnny Clayton, they’ve perfected techniques to make non-alcoholic craft beer without the need for artificial removal of alcohol. The result doesn’t compromise on taste and yet is no more than 0.5% ABV.