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Clausthaler Original Non Alcoholic Beer

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The Clausthaler Original is temporarily out of stock, while we wait on new stock from Germany you can try the Clausthaler Unfiltered instead.
Clausthaler Original Non Alcoholic beer put non-alcoholic beers on the map way back in 1979.  Its genuine beer taste and aroma is well balanced, fresh and easy to drink, with a creamy feel on the palate and a pleasing golden colour. 
Clausthaler is the most awarded non-alcoholic brew, a true German classic in the pilsner lager style.
Clausthaler Original Non Alcoholic beer is vegan friendly, and with only 86 calories per bottle, is a great drink swap for your favourite beer minus the bloat.

Clausthaler non-alcoholic beers are brewed by limiting the alcohol produced during the brewing process, rather than removing alcohol after.  This process helps retain the flavour and preserve the quality of the beers. 

Alcohol: 0.5% ABV

How to drink:  Clausthaler Original is ready to drink from the bottle. Serve super chilled. 

When to drink: Clausthaler Original Non Alcoholic beer is a crisp and fresh flavoured beer, perfect for any occasion.  It's a crowd-pleaser that would be perfect to serve at a backyard barbie or a party.

Food matches: This well-balanced and refreshing beer is actually a great match for seafood like barbequed prawns and fish, sushi and salads.

The Drink Swap: If you are a fan of German Pilsner style beers like Bitburger or Beck's, you will enjoy Clausthaler Original.

More about Clausthaler: Clausthaler are very much the pioneers of non-alcoholic beers, first producing in the late 1970s. The brand is recognised time and time again as the best tasting, highest quality beer in the non acohlic category internationally, exporting to over 50 countries. With the use of cutting-edge technology, Clausthaler pioneered an innovative method of brewing non-alcoholic beer. While the competition tried a different way to brew beer and extract the alcohol after the fact, Clausthaler developed a process where only a negligible amount of alcohol is produced in the first place. 

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