Lyre's Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit 700ml - Dark Rum inspired

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Lyre's Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit is a dark rum inspired non-alcoholic spirit. This unique Australian made spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture all of the complex characteristics and delicious flavours of your favourite sophisticated dark rum minus the alcohol.

Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit has a complex dark caramel flavour with notes of toasted nuts, fudge and fig with lingering finish of maple and vanilla.   This elegant dark rum alternative is perfect with your favourite mixer or in a dark rum cocktail like a classic dark and stormy. 

Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit is not only zero alcohol, but also vegan and low in suar, with 90% less calories than a standard alcoholic dark rum so you can enjoy all the yum guilt free!

Alcohol: 0% ABV

How to drink:  Lyre's Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit  is perfect mixed with cola or  added to ginger beer and lime juice for an old fashioned Dark and Stormy.  For a winter treat add Lyre's Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit to your favourite hot toddy recipe for a warming non-alc treat.

When to drink: Lyre's Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit is a spiced, warming drink for a night in front of the fire but is just as great in a dark rum cocktail by the pool.

Food matches: Lyre's Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit is a fantastic match for anything chocolatey and decadent, like an oozey brownie.  Mixed with cola, Lyre's Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit is also a great match with a juicy burger or barbequed ribs. 

The Drink Swap: If you love a dark spiced rum on the sweeter side, like Bundaberg Spiced Rum or Captain Morgan, give Lyre's Dark Cane Non-Alcoholic Spirit a try!

More about Lyre's: Lyre’s was co-founded by Australians Carl Hartmann and Mark Livings, who sought to create high quality non alcoholic spirits without compromising taste.

An innovative beverage company using cutting edge food science, Lyre’s has recreated all the major alcoholic spirits in non-alcoholic format. 

Lyre’s spirits look, taste, smell and sashay around your palate just like the original. And with all the classic spirits represented, practically every cocktail known to man can be faithfully recreated and enjoyed in a non-alcohol fashion.