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Non Alcoholic Drinks Starter Pack

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Not sure where to start with non alcoholic drinks? Worried you won't find something you enjoy? The Drink Swap's Non Alcoholic Drinks Starter Pack is the perfect place to start your journey.  This pack of 5 delicious alcohol free drinks has been put together to please every taste, with some of our fave products.

Whether you're planning a month off the booze or just testing a few new drinks, The Drink Swap's Non Alcoholic Drinks Starter Pack is an awesome selection to try at a great sale price.

What you get:

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza Non Alcoholic Beer 330ml x 1

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza is a delicious non-alcoholic Mexican Style beer which is light, tangy and hoppy with a sweet yet nutty backdrop. Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza alcohol free beer is brewed chemical free, vegan friendly, and low-intervention. 

Altina Sansgria Non Alcoholic Mocktail 250ml x 1

Altina Sansgria is a delicious non-alcoholic version of the famous Spanish drink, Sangria.

This ready to drink non alcoholic mocktail features flavours of non-alcoholic Shiraz, sweet orange and subtle spiced notes of vanilla. It is lightly bubbly and slightly sweet, made from natural ingredients and native Australlian botanicals.


Nocktail Non Alcoholic Mai Tai 250ml x 1 

Nocktail Non Alcoholic Mai Tai is a fantastic alcohol free alternative to your favourite tiki classic, the Mai Tai cocktail. It's a deliciously tropical mocktail with a botanical blend of bold orange, a hint of almond combined with a fiery non alcoholic rum to bring these virgin Mai Tais to life. 

Lyre's G&T Zero Alcohol Can 250ml x 1

Lyre's G&T Ready to Drink non-alcoholic cans are ready mixed premium cans of Lyre's famous gin-inspired Dry London spirit and tonic.  This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a G&T as an aperitif with flavours that are distinct & contemporary.

Clausthaler Original Non Alcoholic Beer 330ml x 1

Clausthaler Original Non Alcoholic beer put non-alcoholic beers on the map way back in 1979.  Its genuine beer taste and aroma is well balanced, fresh and easy to drink, with a creamy feel on the palate and a pleasing golden colour. Clausthaler is the most awarded non-alcoholic brew, a true German classic in the pilsner lager style.


With a great selection of non alcoholic drinks, from beer to a classic G&T, The Drink Swap's Non Alcoholic Starter Pack is the perfect starter pack to dip your toe into the awesome world on non-alcoholic drinks.