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These brand new Plus & Minus Prosecco Zero Alcohol 250ml cans are cute individual serves of our best selling Plus & Minus Prosecco. This fantastic non alcoholic sparkling wine is dry and flavoursome, using Glera grapes to produce a light fruity flavour. The Plus & Minus Prosecco has beautiful characters of citrus and freshly cut apple with a slightly acidic finish and a soft effervescence.

The Plus & Minus Prosecco is also infused with grapeseed extracts which provides additional antioxidants, delivering more of the benefits typically found in red wine but without the alcohol. 

The Plus & Minus range of wines have been uniquely hand-crafted using only
high-quality grapes from premium, drygrown Australian vineyards. Plus, with only 32 calories per can, this is a delicious low cal non alcoholic bubbly. 

Alcohol: <0.2% ABV

How to drink:  Plus & Minus Prosecco Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine should be served extra chilled straight from the can or poured in your favourite champagne glass.

When to drink:  The Plus & Minus Prosecco is a fantastic glass of bubbles to serve as an aperitif (or aperitivo as the Italians say!) 

Food matches: The citrus and apple notes and light fruitiness of Plus & Minus Prosecco make this a great food match with antipasti like olives, prosciutto or arancini. It's also perfect with a pizza, prosecco and pizza are a match made in heaven!

The Drink Swap: If your favourite tipple is a glass of Prosecco, you will love Plus & Minus Prosecco Zero Alcohol Sparkling Wine. 

Winemaker: Corey Ryan

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