Smug AF Non Alcoholic Cosmopolitan Mocktail

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✔ Virgin Cosmopolitan 

✔ Low calories

✔ Australian Made

Smug AF Non Alcoholic Cosmo brings all the fun of Sex and the City cocktails, minus the booze! With fresh zingy flavours of cranberry. lime and non-alcoholic vodka, the Smug AF Cosmopolitans are definitely a party mocktail.

Plus, at only 35 calories per can, these fantastic low sugar mocktails are a guilt-free treat! Our top tip is to vigorously shake these nitrogen dosed mocktails, for a smooth, foamy consistency.

Alcohol: <0.5% ABV

How to drink:  Smug AF Virgin Cosmpolitans are ready to drink straight from the can, or make it extra fancy and pour into a classic cocktail glass and garnish with a lime cocktail candy.

When to drink: Any time is a good time for a Smug AF Non Alcoholic Cosmopolitan but they really are the perfect girls' night mocktails.  These pretty pink mocktails are a great way to get the party started! 

Food matches: Smug AF Virgin Cosmos are sharp and zesty, they are a fantastic complement to a great cheese platter with a delicious brie or cheddar and crackers.

The Drink Swap: Swap a Cosmpolitan cocktail or other vodka based cocktail for Smug AF Non Alcoholic Cosmopolitans.

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