Smug AF Non Alcoholic Margarita Can

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✔ Non Alcoholic Margarita
✔ Low calories
✔ Australian Made

Smug AF Non Alcoholic Margaritas are a fantastic way to enjoy a delicious Margarita, minus the alcohol.  These flavour packed mocktails give a hit of lime citrus, a subtle tequila flavour (alcohol-free of course), balanced with smooth sweetness, a little salty finish, and even the warming sensation you expect from the real deal. 

Plus, at only 49 calories per can, these are a fantastic low sugar mocktail.  Our top tip is to vigorously shake the can for 15 seconds before pouring (don't worry- it won't spurt all over you!) for a foamy cocktail. 

Alcohol: <0.5% ABV

How to drink:  Smug AF Non Alcoholic Margaritas are ready to drink straight from the can.  Shake the can vigorously for 15 seconds and pour into a cocktail glass or get extra fancy  and add a salt rim and lime garnish. 

When to drink: Any time is a good time for a Smug AF Non Alcoholic Margarita but it is the perfect party mocktail. Everyone loves a Margarita party and with these beauties you can enjoy them without the booze.   

Food matches: The obvious pairing for margaritas is your favourite Mexican dish, they are fantastic with fish tacos, nachos, chicken fajitas, the lot! We also love the Smug AF Margaritas with a citrusy dessert, they are great with lemon tarts.

The Drink Swap: Swap your favourite Margarita cocktail or other tequila cocktail for a Smug AF Non Alcoholic Margarita can.

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