Spring Picnic Taster Pack

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Spring has sprung and it's time for picnics, barbies and Sunday sessions in the sun.  We've put together a Spring Picnic taster pack of 7 great non-alcoholic drinks that are just perfect for this time of the year. 


What you get:

Altina La Vie En Rose Craft Cocktail 250ml x 1

Altina La Vie En Rose is a beautiful, feminine sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail.   This ready to drink non alcoholic cocktail features gorgeous botanical flavours of rose, hibiscus and sweet orange.  It is refreshing, summery and fruity with floral notes. As with all of Altina Drink’s Zero Proof Craft Cocktails, La Vie En Rose captures the essence of natural ingredients, without relying on excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours.

Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner 330ml x 2

Sobah Lemon Aspen non-alcoholic pilsner is a delicious light, fruity beer infused with native fruit to give grapefruit and lychee flavours.  This non alcoholic beer is based on a Czech pale ale style, is a fresh and citrusy brew with a distinct hop aroma.  


Monday Distillery Paloma 300ml x 1

Monday Distillery Paloma is a non alcoholic tequila inspired cocktail with a traditional mix of non alcoholic tequila infused with zesty citrus flavours like grapefruit, passionfruit and finger lime.  This beautifully packaged ready to drink alcohol free cocktail features gorgeous zingy flavours of a tequila cocktail with none of the booze. Monday Distillery Paloma gives all the flavour of a complex cocktail  but is alcohol free, sugar free and gluten free.  Naturally sweetened with Stevia, this is a low calorie, high quality beverage with all of the yum of a classic tequila cocktail.


Upflow Ultra Pale Lager Non Alcoholic Beer 330ml x 2

Upflow Ultra Pale Lager Non Alcoholic Beer is the lightest, most delicate beer in the Upflow range.  This beer has a clean lager flavour and creamy mouthfeel with a comforting familiarity.  Topped with light bittering and citra hops, it finishes super dry, making it an easy drinking and refeshing beer. 


Henkell Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine 750ml x 1

Henkell Alcohol free sparkling wine offers all the enjoyment of a light, fruity-fresh sparkling wine without the alcohol.  This is a vibrant sparkling with flavours of pear, apple and peach which linger on the palate. The Henkell Alcohol free sparkling wine is produced using a gentle alcohol reduction method which preserves the traditional sparkling wine aroma.

The Drink Swap's Spring Picnic Taster Pack has 7 light, refreshing and fun non-alcoholic drinks just perfect for sunny days, Sundays and fun days.