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Ultimate Baby Shower Bundle | 20 Non Alcoholic Drinks

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Our Ultimate Baby Shower Bundle features all our favourite non-alcoholic mocktails to make sure your baby shower is glam and fun, minus the alcohol! This bundle includes a gorgeous selection of 20 non-alcoholic mocktails with something for every taste.  There is a non-alcoholic Mojito, Daiquiri, Sangria, Sparkling Rose' and Aperol Spritz alternative so everyone will have a drink that they love at your next baby shower or event.

What's in the pack:

Nocktail Non Alcoholic Strawberry Daiquiri Cans - 250ml x 4

Nocktail Non Alcoholic Strawberry Daiquiri is a fantastic alcohol free alternative to your favourite daiquiri cocktail. It's made with a botanical blend of strawberry juice, lime and black pepper extract, combined with non alcoholic rum to recreate the delicious flavour of your favourite cocktail.

Nocktail Non Alcoholic Mojito Cans - 250ml x 4
Nocktail Non Alcoholic Mojito is a fantastic alcohol free alternative to your favourite Mojito cocktail. It's made with a botanical blend of Garden Mint, Kafir Lime, Lemongrass with a hint of chilli, combined with non alcoholic rum to bring these virgin Mojitos to life. 
Altina La Vie En Rose Sparkling Rose' Cans - 250ml x 4

Altina La Vie En Rose is a beautiful, feminine sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail.  

This ready to drink mocktail features gorgeous botanical flavours of rose, hibiscus and sweet orange.  It is refreshing, summery and fruity with floral notes.

Altina Sansgria Non Alcoholic Sangria Cans - 250ml x 4

Altina Sansgria is a delicious non-alcoholic version of the famous Spanish drink, Sangria.

This ready to drink non alcoholic mocktail features flavours of non-alcoholic Shiraz, sweet orange and subtle spiced notes of vanilla. It is lightly bubbly and slightly sweet, made from natural ingredients and native Australlian botanicals.

Monday Distillery Aperitz Spritz Non Alcoholic Aperol - 300ml x 4
Monday Distillery Aperitz Spritz is a non alcoholic Aperol inspired cocktail with a delicious mix of spiced-gin and vermouth tastes  blended with Italian orange, grapefruit, aromatic rosemary, cherry and just a hint of espresso and smoked vanilla.
*Note- some of these products contain minute amounts of alcohol (<0.5%), please read the product descriptions and seek medical advice if required. You can read more info in our FAQ section *