Upflow Classic Pale Ale Non Alcoholic Beer

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Upflow Classic Pale Ale Non Alcoholic Beer is a malt-driven, full-flavoured pale ale style beer.  This beer is brewed with Munich malt and Halletauer and Saaz noble hops  to give a classic, European flavour. 

The Upflow Classic Pale Ale Non Alcoholic Beer is a hypotonic sports beer. The addition of carefully selected minerals, in combination with carbohydrates and water, provide low energy hydration, replacing lost electrolytes and nutrients to support recovery, including Magnesium to prevent cramps.

Alcohol: 0.5% ABV

How to drink:  Upflow Classic Pale Ale Non Alcoholic Beer is ready to drink straight from the can.  

When to drink: Upflow Classic Pale Ale Non Alcoholic Beer is a full-flavoured, complex beer which is great to drink watching sport or in front of an open fire. The addition of minerals to this beer also make it the perfect beer to drink after a workout session with friends. 

Food matches: Upflow Classic Pale Ale's caramel, malty flavour is perfect with burgers, roast chicken or a cheddar cheese toasty.

The Drink Swap: Is your fave a pale ale (think Little Creatures or Cooper's)? Try an Upflow Classic Pale Ale Non Alcoholic Beer.

More about Upflow: Upflow is a Melbourne based company founded by Julian Sanders, a mechanical engineer who designed craft breweries and became inspired to solve the problem of enjoying beer culture without the brutal hangover. 

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