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Upflow New World IPA Non Alcoholic Beer

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Upflow New World IPA Non Alcoholic Beer is a vibrant, hops driven non-alcoholic Indian Pale Ale style beer.

Pale & malted wheat provide a slightly hazy appearance, paired with loads of new world hop varieties, providing bold flavours of tropical fruit, citrus & pine.

A clean malt profile provides a platform for those juicy hops to really shine, before a dry, lingering hop bitterness on the finish.  For those who love hops, not hangovers!

Judged the best tasting non-alcoholic beer in Australia – UpFlow ranked both first & second out of 25 n/a beers in The Crafty Pint Blind Tasting Summer 2020.

Alcohol: 0.5% ABV

How to drink:  Upflow New World IPA Non Alcoholic Beer is ready to drink straight from the can.  

When to drink: Upflow New World IPA Non Alcoholic Beer is dry, flavoursome beer with strong bold flavours. It's a great beer for drinking while you watch a big game of sport or with some takeaway curry.

Food matches: Upflow New World IPA Non Alcoholic Beer's bold, fruit-driven flavour is a great match for bold, flavoursome food.  Think spicy Thai and Indian curries or some chilli noodles.

The Drink Swap: Are you partial to a hoppy Indian Pale Ale (think Balters IPA, Hawkers IPA)?  You will love the hops-driven flavour of Upflow New World IPA Non Alcoholic Beer.

More about Upflow: Upflow is a Melbourne based company founded by Julian Sanders, a mechanical engineer who designed craft breweries and became inspired to solve the problem of enjoying beer culture without the brutal hangover. 

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