Yes You Can G&T Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Can

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 Yes You Can Alcohol Free G&T is a non-alcoholic take on a sophisticated gin and tonic with a real kick!  This drink has the traditional juniper flavours of your favourite gin, paired with a classic bitter hit and finishing with the familiar G&T warmth.  Yes You Can's alcohol free G&T is packed to the brim with bold taste, with a very convincing fresh gin flavour. 

The Yes You Can G&T is Australian made, gluten free, 100% vegan with all natural flavours. With only 54 calories per can, you can enjoy all the fun of your favourite G&T with none of the nasties.. 

Alcohol: <0.5% ABV

How to drink:  Yes You Can Alcohol Free G&T is perfect served extra chilled straight from the can. For a Sunday Session you can make it fancy and pour into your favourite gin glass over ice. 

When to drink: It's always a good time for a G&T right? Yes You Can G&T is perfect for a party, a girl's weekend or a quiet tipple in front of the TV. 

Food matches: Try Yes You Can Alcohol Free G&T with seafood, it's a perfect match for smoked salmon and sashimi.

The Drink Swap: If you love a big flavoured classic gin you can't go wrong with Yes You Can G&T Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Cans.

More about Yes You Can: Yes You Can wass founded by husband and wife team Tyler and Sophie Martin They were driven to produce a range of non-alcoholic drinks that were sophisticated, low sugar and tasted so good you wouldn't even miss the booze. Their products are 100% owned and manufactured with sustainable and recycled packaging.